Specialists in providing scientific component solutions in circuit applications
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Core devices of Internet of things

GaN Power Devices

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RF Chips

Advanced digital-analog hybrid mode design, innovative RF developing platform, easy to pass the European and American safety certification

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RF Modules

RF COB Module, Wireless Transmission Module, LoRa Module, Zigbee Module, 2.4GHz Module etc…, with long distance transmission, wide coverage, low power consumption thus to meet the different requiremen……

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Ultra low power consumption, high temperature resistance, high stability, precision waterproofing, to provide customized development and design

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Storage Controller

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Industrial Storage Module

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Self service RF and sensor development platform support

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Shenzhen jingtaiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise in the crystal vibration industry. We provide scientific crystal oscillator solutions for circuit applications.

Since 1996, jingtaiyuan technology has successively provided the market with crystal resonator, constant temperature crystal oscillator, voltage controlled crystal oscillator, vehicle electronics (wide temperature crystal oscillator), tire pressure crystal oscillator and other crystal oscillator products. Our SMD chip crystal oscillators are widely used in communication equipment, automotive electronics, Internet of things, security, consumer electronics, military products, wearable devices and other consumer digital products. As a crystal oscillator brand manufacturer trusted by customers, our company always insists on quality as the cornerstone, and the quality complies with international IEC and American ANSI standards. In order to meet the demands of extremely demanding customers, our company actively integrates the supply chain and cooperates with world-famous crystal brands to truly serve every quality customer. As an excellent agent, we can quickly respond to the supply demand of customers. Now, the shipment volume of our brand crystal oscillator has ranked among the top agents in South China.

Specialists in providing scientific component solutions in circuit applications
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Factory Authorised In-stock Fast delivery

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